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Do you want to build a new roof, for your lodge, house, lapa or just looking to do some maintenance repairs to your existing roof?

From big lodges to small lapas, we do it all;


Need some shade covering for you or your vehicle or a lath fence for some privacy from the neighbours? Want to hide the geyser and aircon or put up a railing for some safety?

Do it with laths and build a;


Want to relax in the sun next to the swimming pool? Make sure you have a deck to do it on and not a tile floor to slip and slide on. Maybe you need some extra room or space indoors? Do it with a loft floor and create that extra needed space.


Want to keep a lookout for those unwanted guests and fires or hide from that perfect trophy, maybe you just want to get a better view from up high?

We can help you with that and build you a;